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Lululemon Lunch Bag

The new Lululemon lunch bag is a stylish and practical substitute to get your business off the ground, this bag comes in three different colors to suit your style, and it just keeps getting better with each visit. From work to shopp, 2 x lot 12 x 9" Lululemon reusable small lunch shopping bag is will have you filled with the fabric nature provides.

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By Lululemon


Lulu Lunch Bag

This Lululemon lunch bag is first-class for carrying all your lunch money and gear in out on lunchtime, the eco-friendly design means you're never too hungry and the small size means you can fit everything you need while still leaving plenty of room to enjoy your meal. This Lululemon lunch bag is a top-of-the-heap substitute to keep your carry-on in your office, this bag is fabricated of white cotton with black stitching, and is produced to suit for a yoga mat and water bottle. The bag also renders a rain cover and is available in black, this Lululemon lunch bag is a top-of-the-line surrogate to take your shopping to the next level. It spacious and comes with a lot of black and white pockets for your daily routine, plus, it can be easily converted into a small bag with a compartments for your weekly routine. The small red bag comes with a bag for keeping your food and drinks, the bag can also be easily converted into a regular lunch bag by adding a layer of fabric above the metal zippered compartment.