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Iris Barcelona Lunch Bag

Looking for a stylish and durable lunch bag? Evaluate the Iris this bag is sensational for lunchbag, biz shopper who wants to carry a lot of gear for a long day. With two containers (and a lot of compartments), Iris Barcelona twin city bag is will hold your everything, plus, the hard fabric will make you feel good when, perhaps, needed.

Iris Barcelona Lunch Bag Ebay

The Iris Barcelona lunch bag is a valuable way to keep your food and other necessary items cold while you're on the go, the bag is produced from insulation and is blue very nice to match any outfit. The Iris lunch bag is a sterling surrogate to br your lunch to work or school in a more modern and comfortable way, the bag can hold 2 cups, a for an or a future. The strap is removable for effortless transport, the Iris Barcelona lunch bag is an excellent way to br your best work to work or to stay in sun exposure. The blue is comfortable to wear and the insulated design means that your bag will stay cool even when it's hot, the Iris lunch bag is a fantastic substitute to take care of your food and drink, and it will last long in your travels. The bag is produced from insulation and comes with a nice blue color, it can easily hold your lunch box, a snack, and a copy of the Iris Barcelona low down.