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Flatbox Lunch Bag

Looking for box that can grow with your food? Vet our new lunch bag! This bag imparts two different types of neoprene insulation for a personal fit and a placemat size that can handle your lunch material, plus, it's reusable 2-in-1 so you can take it with you anywhere.

Cheap Flatbox Lunch Bag

This stylish and functional tote bag is fantastic for the large group lunch you needn't exceed 10 people at a time, the design means it will keep your food cold for hours on end, and the spacious interior makes for a comfortable and inviting space. The insulated lunch bag is first-rate for the active person who wants to stay fit and take all the little risks of physical activity, with its purpose-built insulation and comfortable straps, original 2-in-1 lunch bag is exceptional for busy lunchtime. This cooler flat box picnic bag set will make your day at your picnic better, it comes with a wine bag, a lunch box, and a mat for peace of mind. The flat box design means that you can easily fit all of your food and your pressing needs, the bag is fabricated of durable cotton fabric and it can be easily washed. This stylish and functional lunch bag is puissant for work or for when going out, it renders two compartments that can each be easily accessorized with your favorite snacks and drinks. The bag is moreover insulated, so you'll have to less heat or smoke in your food or drink.